Kenya: Stop Extremists From Luring Youth to Crime


One of the biggest challenges for the security personnel is dealing with the extremist groups luring young Kenyans into their devious schemes.

The promises given by the recruiters are apparently so well-packaged that gullible youth fall for them hook, line and sinker. The latest victim is a university student being held by the anti-terrorism police after being intercepted while reportedly on his way to Libya to join a terrorist group.

It is a story that must have come as a shock to many parents, whose children are in college away from home. Many of them have no way of knowing what their children are up to or what company they keep. This student, the police say, used his college fees to buy himself an air ticket to Libya to follow up a promise of a well-paying job out there.

We must commend the Anti-Terrorist Police Unit for closing the stable before the horse bolted.

That young gullible Kenyans are being lured into extremist groups such as Al-Shabaab is nothing new. Hundreds have been spirited across the border into Somalia and some have retur Even as the intelligence community and other security personnel up their game against the extremists, their networks will take much longer to dismantle.

This is why vigilance must be stepped up. Parents, religious and community leaders have a key role to play in this campaign. As part of these efforts, we welcome Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i’s directive to schools to vet preachers invited to give sermons to students.

Universities, colleges and schools are an ideal hunting ground for these killers hiding behind religion, and they must be kept away from our institutions.

ned to attack and kill their own compatriots. Again, the security forces deserve kudos for a well co-ordinated effort that has seen the return and deradicalisation of some of the recruits.

source: All Africa