NAIROBI, The Kenya Private Sector Alliance and National Chamber of Commerce have called on parliament to ensure elections are held as scheduled on Oct 26 for the sake of economy.

The business sector presented their views to the parliament’s adhoc committees on election laws, claiming the current political situation has affected business.

Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization and inter-religious consortium also submitted their comments with regards to proposed changes in elections laws.

Public hearing on proposed elections laws amendment bill entered second day Wednesday.

The businessmen suggested expansion of punitive measures proposed on returning officers who fail to sign the documents to cover even commissioners and political party agents.

Former members of the parliamentary justice and legal affairs committee also appeared before the joint sitting to offer their legal wisdom.

The former MPs supported the activities of the committee saying the amendments are in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling.

The clergy through Kenya inter-religious consortium and Maendeleo ya Wanawake organization also endorsed the proposed bill which seeks to re-introduce the manual transmission to supersede the electronic transmission.

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There were several dissenting voices from individual members of the public who appeared before the select committees.

Ken Baraza, a swahili teacher, questioned the rationale of the clause seeking to allow commissioners to act on behalf of IEBC chairperson incase the latter or the vice chair are absent.

Thursday, the committee is expected to meet the Law Society of Kenya, the electoral body- IEBC as well as political parties.