Kenya: President Kenyatta Receives New Jubilee Party Instruments

President Uhuru Kenyatta has received documents on the proposed Jubilee Party, laying the foundation for merging the platforms allied to the ruling coalition.

The interim committee responsible for laying down the foundations for the new party presented to President Kenyatta the party’s interim constitution, its nomination and election rules, and a members’ handbook at State House in Nairobi.

Friday’s meeting between the President, his deputy William Ruto and the interim committee will be followed by the release of a roadmap to fold the constituent parties, culminating in the launch of Jubilee Party in September.

After receiving the party the documents, President Kenyatta said the new organisation would uphold democracy and the wish of Kenyans.

He said as a start, all party officials will hold positions on an interim basis until the day members of the party decide on office holders.

This was after the interim steering committee named President Kenyatta as the party leader and DP Ruto as the deputy party leader.

“Call me the interim party leader. It is the people who will decide who will be the party leader. This party will be democratic because that is the only way to guarantee its survival,” said President.

President Kenyatta said he was happy to lead a party that has a truly national outlook.

“It is with pride that I accept leadership of a national party,” said President Kenyatta.

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Mr Kenyatta said the new party will unite Kenyans and champion stronger integration of the East African Community.

“A new child has been born to unite Kenyans and to grow the economy,” said the President.

The Head of State said the decision to dissolve the smaller parties is meant to establish true national democracy.

“No longer shall we give Kenyans choices based on ethnicity, clannism or religion,” he said.

Mr Ruto said it was President Kenyatta’s wish to dissolve the small parties and form a united front even before the 2013 elections.

“The greatest legacy you will leave for this country is to reset the political foundation of Kenya so that henceforth the politics of our country will be based not on ethnic, not on region or faith but will be set on competition on the basis of issues, agenda, manifesto and programs,” said the DP.

The co-chairmen of the interim steering committee, Noah Wekesa and Kiraitu Murungi, addressed the meeting before the president and his deputy were presented with the party documents.

Kiraitu said the new party will have enough national positions to accommodate all the new parties that will join.

He said contrary to some claims by sections of the media, there has been no jostling for positions in the new party.

The Meru senator said the party will be launched in a colourful manner that will be preceded by a synchronised national delegates conference of all the joining parties to ratify their dissolutions.

The conference will then be followed by a national convention.

Mr Wekesa said 13 parties have already signed up to join the Jubilee Party and many more are lining up to join.

Source: The Nation.