Kenya: Police Mobilises Residents to Tackle Soaring Defilement Cases

A red flag has been raised by security officers following an increase in defilement cases in Kwale County despite communities being sensitized against the vice.

According to police records that covered incidents between June 2015 and June 2016, defilement has topped the list of violence against women and girls standing at 235 cases.

Speaking during a community forum in Diani, Matuga OCPD Patrick Oduma said something has to be done to reverse the situation.

He disclosed that majority of the perpetrators are people who are close to the victims, and entrusted with their welfare.

“We have a serious problem when it comes to defilement cases. And we need to look for ways of addressing it instead of burying our heads in the sand,” he said.

The activity was organised by African Woman and Child Feature Service and held at Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort

Mr Oduma added that aside from such cases others include incest at 16, rape 15, domestic violence 6 and indecent assault (5 cases).

The police officer further discouraged marriages between close relatives terming them as a major contributor to genetic disorders experienced in the county.

He urged parents of rape victims to ensure that they first take them to hospital for examination within 24 hours.

“If your child is raped, do not rush to the police station, go to the hospital first and then afterwards come to the police to submit a P3 form.” he said.

Community activist Zipora Gateru affirmed that the problem is serious and some of the suspects are moving around scot-free.

Ms Gateru disclosed that there is also cartel comprising children from Ukunda, Diani, Msambweni and Kombani who engage in sodomy.

“We are trying to follow up this cartel but unfortunately it is a chain which involves a lot of people, and there is no one willing to speak up openly about it,” she said.

Source: The Nation.