Kenya Places Sh2 Million Bounty On Mandera Raid Suspect

By Maalik Som

Police have placed a Sh2 million bounty on Mohamed Dubow, suspected mastermind of the Mandera quarry terror attack that left 14 dead.

On July 7, 2015, workers at the quarry were killed by fighters of the al Qaeda-linked terror group as they slept.

Dubow is “armed and dangerous”, read a poster the National Police Service circulated on social media on Friday. He is believed to have returned to Kenya from Somalia.

Those with information are to contact police via phone numbers 020 2199151, 0702 432877/999 or 112.

On February 26, Kenyan security agencies placed a Sh8 million bounty on four terror suspects believed to have been behind attacks on a bus and a quarry in Mandera.

Abdullahi Issak, Idriss Issack, Ahmed Uweys and Mohamed Shide allegedly planned the November 2014 ambush on Makkah Bus that left 28 dead.

They have also been linked to the December 2014 killing of 36 quarry workers in the county.

Mandera county ordered all quarries closed immediately to save workers from terror attacks. More than 3,000 people, mostly non-residents, rely on the mines for upkeep.

Quarry workers started leaving Mandera town after the order.

Source: All Africa