Kenya: One Woman’s Crusade to End Cholera in Kenya

With Kenya in the grip of another deadly cholera outbreak, Lillian King is doing something to make a difference. By NJERI KIMANI.

It started in 2013, when Lillian King went to answer a call of nature at a local primary school where she was waiting to cast her vote in national elections.

On reaching the toilets, she was shocked by their sorry state: the doors were broken, the toilets themselves falling over, and there were sanitary pads all over the floor. It smelled terrible.

However, her real torment came when she entered one of the toilets. She was in the middle of her business when she felt something crawling on her legs.

“On checking I saw maggots making their way up to my knee. I just ran out screaming. I even finished dressing from outside,” said King.

Back in the queue, she made a solemn vow to do something about the toilets. She knew that dirty toilets led to cholera, and she knew that cholera was a killer, having already lost a daughter to the disease. She swore that no other woman would shed tears due to a disease which could – and should – be prevented.

SOURCE: Daily Maverick.