Kenya: Namwamba Says His Third Force Movement Ready to Work With Jubilee in 2017 Elections

Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba has stated that his third force movement was ready to work with any coalition including the ruling Jubilee administration.

Speaking in Amagoro when he met grassroots leaders from Teso North and Teso South, Mr Namwamba said that his movement was ready to work with like-minded parties in the next presidential election.

He stated that they would not be fielding a candidate for the presidential position and as such they were ready to support a particular coalition.

“We do not have a presidential candidate and as such we will not be fronting anyone. We will look at parties like ours with the best interest of Kenyans in order to join forces with them,” said Namwamba.

He said that they will soon unveil their preferred party which will hold talks with other coalitions adding that they should not be confused with Third Way Alliance formed by Dr Ekuru Aukot.

Mr Namwamba further hit out at ODM leader, Raila Odinga, saying that he was scared of his (Namwamba’s) influence in Western region.


He said Mr Odinga was constantly losing his close allies in the run-up to every election.

Mr Namwamba said Mr Odinga’s recent tour of Western Kenya was a clear indication that the leader was scared of his new political move.

“When Mudavadi left ODM I was sent to come and neutralise his influence in Western.

“Now that I have left [ODM], he personally spent a week in the area trying to win back voters,” said Mr Namwamba.

Mr Namwamba further stated that Mr Odinga’s traditional support base was shifting and he had realised that he could no longer take the region for a ride.

He stated that Western region needed to wake up and chart their own path instead of being led blindly by people who did not have the area’s interests at heart.

Mr Namwamba further hit out at Mr Odinga’s claims that he had been bought in order to leave ODM saying that Mr Odinga himself had changed parties severally and should, therefore, disclose how much he was given to become the Kanu Secretary-General in 2001.

Source: The Nations