Kenya: Mwende Begins Journey to Get Artificial Arms

There is hope for Jackline Mwende, the Machakos woman whose hands were chopped off by her husband to continue with her life normally.

Mwende is currently admitted to the PCEA Kikuyu Hospital where she was taken on Thursday with the support of LG Electronics which has pledged to pay for her prosthetic hands.

The doctor doing the operation, Dr Michael Maru, on Friday told Capital FM News that Mwende had successfully undergone the “refashioning of the stump. She has taken the operation well and she is in the process of recovery.”

According to the doctor, she is likely to get the prosthetic hands after six weeks, during which, “the wound will be healing.”

A cheerful Mwende on Wednesday told Capital FM News that she had forgiven given her husband, Stephen Ngila.

“Leo niko poa, si unaona hivyo? (Today I’m okay, can you see?),” she asked, during an interview with Capital FM News on Wednesday.

Asked whether she has forgiven her 34 year-old husband Ngila, she said, “yes, I have already forgiven him.”

She however stated categorically that they will not reconcile. “I will never return to his home.”

How did she find it in her heart to forgive Ngila after the brutal attack?

“You know, sometimes when people do such things, they are not in control of themselves,” she said adding that her husband “could have been under the influence of alcohol. It can affect him. nimemsamehe (I have forgiven him).”

Her mother Jane Munyoki vowed to ensure she does not reconcile with the son in-law.

The pain is still fresh and she knows the life of Mwende will never be the same again. “I will never forgive that man. I want him sentenced to death.”

“I would rather be killed than see my daughter return to that devil.”

She narrated the pain she continues to undergo, “seeing a daughter whom I gave out healthy, now being fed and cleaned. It pains me a lot.”

Her husband will remain in remand until Wednesday next week when he will know the fate of his bail application.

Ngila was taken back to court in Machakos Friday morning but the ruling was deferred until Wednesday.

He is remanded at the Machakos GK Prison

Source: Capital FM.