Kenya: Marcus Garvey Kin to Be Inducted Into Kikuyu Culture

A great grandson of pan Africanist Marcus Garvey is set to be inducted into the Kikuyu culture.

His induction is also expected to boost cultural tourism.

Mr Cristobal Marcus Garvey is expected to arrive in Nyeri on Monday ahead of an induction ceremony that will be conducted by Kikuyu elders.

Mr Garvey will be accompanied by two other American activists, Michael Ewers and Melvin Fluellen who will also go through the induction.

The ceremony will allow Mr Garvey to participate in the annual Mt Kenya prayer walk where Kikuyu cultural elders hold prayers around the mountain.

The move is also expected to draw tourists from European and American states to participate in the cultural ceremony.

During the prayers, pilgrims make an anti-clockwise trip round Mt Kenya making seven stopovers along the Sagana – Embu – Meru – Nanyuki – Nyeri road during the annual event.

Kikuyu elder and director of Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum, Samuel Kamitha who will lead the ceremony said that this will open up the Kikuyu cultural heritage to the world.

“This is a major milestone in developing cultural tourism in the central region and the ceremony will be a way to open it up to the rest of the world,” said Mr Kamitha.

According to Mr Michael Ewers who spoke to the Nation on phone, the Kikuyu culture has been a fascination among the global black community with many seeking to be part of the culture.

“To many people with African descent, the Kikuyu culture portrays so many values and the annual prayer movement brings out the spiritual unity that the people share. It is exciting and such an honour to become a part of this cultural experience,” said Mr Ewers.

Mr Ewers also said that the induction will help in the fight against racial profiling against black Americans and the retaliation by black citizens that have been witnessed in the United States in recent months.

“There is need to end what has been going on and the way forward to us is through spiritual unity among the black community,” said Mr Ewers.

The Garvey family gained its mark in history through Marcus Garvey who pioneered and led the fight for equal rights for the black communities.

His drive to end racial profiling among blacks and his endeavor to improve the lives of people with African ancestry earned him the status of a national hero in Jamaica, his country of origin.

Source: The Nation.