Kenya: Make Irrigation Plan Work

One of the goodies from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s just-ended visit to Israel is a Sh7.2 billion loan deal that should enable a major irrigation project to finally take off.

The Galana/Kulalu irrigation plan at the coast has the potential to greatly boost national food security.

It is also a major investment in the region that is bound to have spinoffs and greater benefits.

However, the project’s delay has raised a number of concerns.

One is over the looting that has come to characterise such public initiatives.

Another is the bureaucratic red tape and hitches that hold up approvals.


This project should have been completed next month, but has been bogged down by cash flow problems.

It is encouraging to note that the cash woes are now over, with the disbursement expected in the next few weeks.

That settled, the only assurance needed from those involved is that the project will finally take off and that every effort will be made to ensure that the investment makes business sense, considering the huge loan that has been secured.

The project leaders must also ensure that the now legendary thieving that even President Kenyatta has candidly admitted is a problem does not scuttle the project.

Source: All Africa