Kenya: Lobby Calls for Alternative Solutions to Tackle Terrorism

By Farouk Mwabege

Instead of building special prisons for terror suspects, Pamoja Trust Director has recommended that President Kenyatta should focus on solving the problems that cause terrorism.

Dr Stephen Ouma’s opposition comes after the President issued the proposal during a pass-out parade of Kenya Police recruits in Kiganjo, in February this year.

Speaking at Amani Beach Hotel, Mr Ouma said the call has shown that the government has not analysed the actual problems that lead to terrorism.

He added that instead of addressing the actual problem the prison can be used torture the suspects hence pushing them to extreme levels of radicalization.

“We opposed the proposal by President because it is not going to help us in addressing the problem of terrorism but rather it will increase cases of terrorism,” he said.

Dr Ouma said that the problem can be addressed by looking at different aspects of law ranging from food, human, environment, political, economy and social security.

On the other hand, he supported the government’s step of issuing amnesty to radicalized youths.