Kenya: Kabogo Sues Waititu Challenging His Academic Qualification As MP

By Maureen Kakah

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has sued Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, challenging his academic qualifications.

Mr Kabogo claims Mr Waititu has breached the Leadership and Integrity Act as he does not have a degree as he claims.

Through lawyer Issa Mansur, Mr Kabogo is challenging Mr Waititu’s claim that he holds an academic degree from Punjab University, as does the Kiambu governor.

Mr Kabogo also disputes Mr Waititu’s claim that he was admitted to the university in the same year as the governor.

He also argues that the Elections Act requires a candidate for any political position to meet educational, moral and ethical requirements as per the Constitution.

He says there is evidence that Mr Waititu does not hold a degree from the said university. Mr Kabogo also disputed the claim that the Kabete MP had gone through a process of learning and sitting of exams at the institution.

Mr Kabogo, therefore, claims Waititu’s election as an MP is fraudulent.

He wants the court to declare that Mr Waititu is consequently ineligible to run for any elective office under the Elections Act.

He also wants the court to determine whether the Kabete MP lied in his leadership and integrity declaration forms.

If the Kabete MP is found to have provided false information under oath, Mr Kabogo wants him investigated and appropriate legal action taken.

Source: AllAfrica