NAIROBI– Chief Justice David Maraga says the judiciary will not entail any ambiguous law passed by the Kenyan parliament.

Maraga says laws should be specific and the court will not hesitate to strike out any piece of legislation that seems to undermine the spirit of constitution.

Speaking at the Inaugural Press Club hosted by The Kenya Editors Guild, the Chief Justice promised that the courts will stand to uphold freedom of the media and that it will take extra caution of ensuring that freedom of expression, when exercised legitimately, is not met with generally worded penal provisions and sanctions.

Warning the media that freedom does not operate in a vacuum, the Chief Justice said the fourth estate has also responsibility of operating in an ethical and responsible manner if the nation was to heal from the past oppression and cultivate a healthy and progressive society.

Maraga said the constitution and applicable laws call on the media to shun hate speech, incitement to violence, misinformation and distortion of information.

He warned that the county is being bombarded with a wave of unregulated content in the social media platforms which are intended to harm persons who are targets by hurtful messages and campaigns and the main stream should come out to fight fake news.

He also urged Kenyans not to shy away from appealing ruling they feel were not satisfactory to them.

The Chairman of the Kenya Editors Guild, Churchill Otieno called for the support of the media to play its rightful role in society if Kenya was to entrench its constitutional democracy.

Churchill called for the protection of editors as they endeavor to inform the society saying the powerful should be kept away and any threats to the media was a beginning of a creation of an unjust society.