Kenya: Isoc Kenya Rejuvenation Takes Shape As Constitution Moves to the Registrar of Societies

CIO East Africa first broke the news that The Internet Society (ISOC) Kenya chapter was set to get a new constitution after months of waiting. The wait seems to almost be over as the constitution is set to be sent to the Office of The Registrar of Societies for validation.

This was announced on Saturday, when members converged at iHub Research in Nairobi for their Annual General Meeting. Following the meeting, an update was sent out to members by, Eng. Martin Obuya, President, ISOC Kenya, whereby he explained the process the constitution is set to undergo before ISOC Kenya adopts it.

“The Minutes plus amended Constitution document to be submitted to the Office of The Registrar of Societies for final comments/recommendations then validated in accordance to the Statutes of The Societies Acts under the Laws of The Republic of Kenya. Once this task is done, we expect an official letter from The Office of The Registrar of Societies declaring that ISOC Kenya has a new constitution, we will immediately share the same letter with the entire Membership via this online platform as we email a scanned copy to ISOC Global Head Office,” the update read.

“Upon receiving the scanned letter, ISOC Global Head Office will immediately make the long-awaited special announcement that ISOC Kenya is fully back to its normal operation status. After this announcement, I’II issue a notice (14 days) for Special AGM whose core agenda will be the 2016 General Elections for ISOC Kenya. On the same day, the Electoral Committee, under the chairmanship of Davis Onsakia, will email the Elections Program (state the elective seats, issue campaign guidelines and clarify the voting processes). The same team, plus a Returning Officer from IEBC, will conduct the elections during the Special AGM and announce the final results on the same day,” it added.

According to the update, after the elections there will be a 2 weeks period to sort any elections disputes, after which the Returning Officer will forward the certified results to ISOC Global Head Office, then there is a short handover period (14 days).

“On the same date the certified results are received by ISOC Global Head Office, the Incoming Officials must declare a date for General Assembly that should be a few days after the handover process. Finally during the General Assembly, the new Incoming Officials will automatically start their two years term at the helm of ISOC Kenya,” it continued.

Source: CIO East Africa.