Kenya: Finnish Telcos Bring Innovation to Evolving Kenyan Market

The expansion of mobile network technology in Kenya is opening new international business opportunities in the local telecom industry.

Finnish telecom companies, with a long history in mobile innovations, are looking to utilise their expertise and be part of the quickly evolving Kenyan telecom market.

Finpro is bringing a group of Finnish companies to Nairobi, Kenya on 17-19 May 2016, to connect with potential partners.

Finland is known for its long history and impressive track record in telecommunications innovation. After the success of Nokia, Finnish telecom businesses have introduced a number of new technologies and digital services to the global market.

The country’s digital prowess is based largely on technology companies with extensive ICT competencies, agile problem solving expertise and experience in large-scale, global projects.

“Finland is currently at the global forefront in developing 5G network technology through its open 5G test environment that enables businesses to develop and test new technologies and business models,” says Kimmo Aura, Connectivity from Finland Program Director from Finpro.

“But in addition to its strong focus on future technology, Finland has a vast pool of expertise in existing network technology. The country has a high adoption rate of mobile data, as mobile data subscriptions exceed 100pc,” Aura continues.

Enabling new business models for the Kenyan telecom market Finnish know-how can offer plenty of benefits for the Kenyan market, where the 4G network is now being developed to complement and supplant existing network technologies and operators are looking for new, innovative ways for commercial use.

Connectivity from Finland, a Growth Program run by the official Finnish export and investment promotion agency Finpro, will bring a group of Finnish companies to Nairobi to meet with local authorities as well as prospective customers and partners.

The joint trip aims to build important connections and link Finnish expertise with the Kenyan telecom sector.

This is a game opening exchange with a follow-up trade mission already planned for later this year.

“Data consumption means important business opportunities for mobile operators in Kenya, as advanced data transfer capabilities enable consumers to utilize their devices in all-new ways. These include the increasingly popular mobile payment applications, as well as e-government, e-learning, healthcare and insurance services. It also calls for new business models. Finnish companies on the other hand are looking to expand and also contribute to the progress of a quickly evolving market,” Aura commented.

Finnish expertise can deliver the Kenyan telecom sector solid technological solutions helping operators to increase revenue, decrease costs, access effective power solutions and optimize network usage and reach. The comprehensive Finnish offering enables operators to deliver innovative services to their end customers, increasing the quality of service and coverage of their networks.

Source: Capital FM