Kenya: Exchange Programme for Kenyan, Cuban Medics Set to Begin

Kenya and Cuba are set to commence an exchange programme for medical staff with the government keen to tap into the experience of the island nation’s renowned healthcare system.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said this will help boost the government’s quest for providing quality and affordable healthcare to Kenyans.

The South American country is widely regarded as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world with low infant mortality rates and life expectancy of 78 years, one of the world’s highest.

“Cuba has one of the best health models in the world. I believe there is a lot we can share on health,” Mr Kenyatta said when he bade farewell to outgoing Cuban Ambassador Raul Rodriguez Ramos.

The Cuban healthcare system is State-run (there are no private hospitals or clinics), has a high doctor-patient ratio and offers cheap medicine to its citizens.

“We can also work together in improving our pharmaceutical industries. There is a lot the two countries can learn from each other in this area,” Ambassador Ramos said.

Source: The Nation.