NAIROBI– Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has promised that no one regardless of their status will be spared in the ongoing fight against corruption.

In the wake of the NYS and NCPB mega scandals, Ruto said that he and the President were committed to fully fighting the vice.

Speaking in Gilgil, the deputy president admitted that the emerging cases were tarnishing the name of the government and derailing various development plans.

I want to assure the country that the purge against corruption has started and no one despite their status in the country will be spared, he said.

He expressed his concern over the move by the courts to issue anticipatory bails to suspects terming this as one of the challenges the country was facing in fighting corruption.

We are worried by the recent move by suspects to seek anticipatory bails from the courts as this is derailing the fight against graft, he said.

Ruto promised all investigating bodies that they had the support of the government in seeking and arresting all those involved in the NYS and NCPB scandal.

All those NCPB managers and the traders involved in the maize scandal where farmers have been left unpaid will have to pay for this,

The investigators should not let us down and they should move with haste and make sure that all those responsible face the law, he said.

During the visit of the town, Ruto left goodies for area residents with promise that the drainage system and various roads would be redone in the coming financial year.

Area MP Martha Wangari who was the host was the first to fire the salvo noting that the emerging scandals were tarnishing the legacy of the Jubilee government.

She said that the country had lost billions of shillings through NYS and NCPB adding that it was time the government took action.

We are asking the government to show its commitment in the fight against corruption by making sure that all those named are arrested and charged in court, she said.

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika echoed the sentiments noting that the emerging trend was worrying as the cases continued unpunished.

We have millions of hardworking Kenyans whose sweat is going to waste due to corruption cases where a few persons are benefitting and this is very wrong, she said.