NAIROBI, Feb 7 Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto Saturday hit out at tribal based political outfits saying such outfits were not only divisive but also retrogressive.

He said past political practices that advanced tribal or religious hegemony had no place in the present day Kenya saying those fronting such politics should be ashamed of themselves.

Said Ruto: “It is for these reason that we as Jubilee leadership have decided to turn Kenyans into one people. Politics of one belonging to this or that tribe, religion or section have in the past brought losses and grief to this country and must be consigned to history.”

The Deputy President was speaking at St. Pius X Seminary in South Imenti constituency of Meru county during the launch of the constituency’s Youth Empowerment Sacco.

He advised those confined to tribal cocoons to join other Kenyans saying tribal politics had no place in the 21th century.

Said Ruto: “If you are man or woman enough you should stand with other Kenyans. Don’t run away to from a tribal outfit.” “Leaders fronting tribal or religious parties must be ashamed of themselves,” he added.

He made it clear that Jubilee was committed to transforming the country to bring Kenyans together with a national agenda.

Ruto at the same time criticized the opposition for lacking an agenda for this country.

Said the Deputy President: “Those we are competing with have no leader, no policies nor an agenda for this country. They have no alternative agenda, the only agenda they have is to criticize our programmes.”

“We are determined that the politics of this country does not remain politics of guesswork,” he added.

Ruto challenged the opposition to come clear on who their leader is and have clear policies before they attempt to compete with Jubilee.

He announced that 580 schools had been connected to electricity adding the remaining 38 will be done before end of February .

On road development he said 140 kilometres of roads in Meru will be tarmacked this year.

Source: KBC