The Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) has entered into an agreement with the Kenya Market Trust (KMT) to spur milk production, quality enhancement and safety measures.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) signbed by the two bodies comes in the wake of concerns raised over informal markets, most of which face handling, hygiene and safety challenges in the production and handling of milk.

KDB Managing Director Margaret Kibogy said here Tuesday that the collaboration would help the board address the issue of quality and regulations through massive training of milk traders and dispenser operators which would be spearheaded by KMT.

“The partnership will see KMT conduct training for 250 traders across the country on safe milk handling and 100 dispensing operators to enhance quality and conduct pilot programmes on a sustainable model to transform the formal milk channel,” she added.

The partnership also foresees the creation of a certification system for milk traders and dispensing operators, Kibogy said during a consultative workshop on sustainable partnerships in formal and informal milk marketing for enhanced market access and compliance.

She said the workshop would also factor in stakeholder consultations on how to develop market linkages between milk processors and traders in the interest of consumer safety and enhanced access for quality and safe milk.

Kibogy said that out of the 3.9 billion litres of milk produced by the country, 70 per cent was being sold through informal marketing channels while only 30 per cent went through processing to the final product sold to consumers.

She said the board had implemented several measures to transform milk marketing, including acquisition of 300 dispensers to boost milk storage, suitable licensing and use of modernized dairy processing and preservation technology.