The Chairperson of Kenya’s National Gender and Equality Commission, Winfred Lichuma, has urged Attorney-General Githu Muigai to initiate and hasten the process of bringing into force Section 34 of the Protection against Domestic Violence Act, 2015.

The Act provides for protection, compensation or restitution of victims of crime on several grounds, including sustaining personal injury from acts of domestic violence.

Lichuma on Thursday noted that rules of procedure to operationalize compensation proceedings under the Act had not been promulgated, thus hampering justice for victims of domestic violence.

The commission has also urged the AG’s Chambers to consider amendments to the Act so as to provide for a framework of establishment of shelters or safe houses for survivors or would-be victims of domestic violence.

Lichuma noted that the law as it is currently constituted had failed to address effectively the establishment of shelters or safe houses for survivors of domestic violence, both women and men.

The commission further urged the Inspector-General of Police to ensure speedy and thorough investigations into all matters relating to domestic and gender-based violence and to bring the perpetrators to book.

Meanwhile, Jackline Mwende, the victim of domestic violence from Machakos County was scheduled to receive prosthetic limbs at the PCEA Kikuyu Hospital Thursday. Her hands were severed by her estranged husband who accused her of being childless.

The surgery for the prosthetic limbs attachment was sponsored by Merck, a German organization in Kenya advocating for women’s rights, and Taita Taveta Women’s Representative Joyce Lay who led fellow women leaders in paying Mwende a visit Wednesday at her family home in Machakos.

Mwende, a school dropout, will also benefit from an education sponsorship courtesy of the Methodist University while the county government of Machakos and the German organization will pay her a monthly stipend of 30,000 and 25,000 shillings (one US dollar = 101 shillings) respectively.

Women leaders and the Federation of Women Lawyers have joined in calls to have Mwende’s estranged husband Stephen Ngila brought to justice for the heinous crime. FIDA Chairperson Josephine Mung’are says the organization had assigned a lawyer to provide legal aid to Mwende.