Kenya: Condemned Four-Storey Building Collapses in Zimmerman, Nairobi

By Aggrey Mutambo

A four-storey building whose construction was questioned two years ago has collapsed in Zimmerman, Nairobi.

The residential house near Deliverance Church came down at around 2am on Wednesday, injuring no one.

But it could have been worse had it collapsed during the day.

At daytime, women selling vegetables and other foods often parade their goods in stalls just in front of the faulty house.

On Wednesday morning, the stalls were flattened as debris from the building came down.

The building had been marked in 2014 as improper for habitation after construction safety officials from the Nairobi County Government and National Construction Authority found it had no pillars and its floors were weak.

At the time though, there were occupants living as high up as the third floor while it also housed a fast-food kiosk, a butcher, a small grocery store and a general household kiosk.

All the occupants promptly moved out of the house but the building remained standing till Wednesday morning.

However, window and door frames and panes that initially decorated the building in light blue colour were later mysteriously removed.

Like in most parts of Nairobi, safety officials occasionally move around here to check houses under construction or already occupied.

In the case of this house and several others in the area, officials in 2014 marked it with a red X indicating it was unsafe for habitation.

Occupants were told to move out.

These Xs, however, slowly disappeared and several other houses are still occupied.

Source: All Africa