Kenya: Chinese Video Surveillance Firm to Establish Office in Kenya

Chinese video surveillance firm HikVision Overseas plans to set up an office in Kenya by the end of the year.

HikVision Overseas Sales Representative Bob Bian said Friday in Nairobi that the firm currently has one office in South Africa to cater for the African market.

“So the proposed Kenya office will help us serve the growing demand for video surveillance equipment in the East African region,” Bian said.

HikVision is a leading video surveillance hardware manufacturer around the world and has a wide-reaching global presence.

Bian said that the firm owns patents in the latest Closed Circuit Television technology that can help boost Kenya’s national security.

“Our camera offers ultra-high quality video that are ideal for security monitoring in high traffic areas such as highways, stadiums and shopping malls,” he said.

The firm has been able to achieve double digit growth for the past decade due to heavy annual investments in research and developments.

“We aim to introduce new innovative products in order to meet dynamic customer needs,” he added.

According to him, HikVision has also introduced a new technology that reduces the storage space needed for the same length of video recording compared to conventional equipment.

Source: Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.