Kenya: Chief Arrested in Nyeri for Demanding Sh20,000 Bribe in Land Dispute

A chief in Tetu, Nyeri County has been arrested for demanding a Sh20,000 bribe to help withdraw a land restriction order in a family land dispute.

The Kimathi Location chief, identified as Mr Samuel Ndiritu, was arrested by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) detectives after he allegedly placed a land restriction order on a family land claiming following a dispute on its ownership.

He is said to have secretly placed the restriction order in collusion with the Lands office in Nyeri and tried to extort money from the owners saying he would in turn help them withdraw the restriction.

In a press release, EACC Central Regional Deputy Director, Jackson Mue, said that the chief was arrested shortly after he received Sh7,000 as part of the Sh20,000 bribe that he was demanding.

“The suspect has since been booked at the Nyeri Central Police Station and will be charged in court with relevant offenses upon completion of the investigations,” the statement said.

Nyeri Central Divisional Police Commander, Masai Makau, confirmed the arrest and said that the matter was under investigation.

“Investigations on the matter are ongoing and once complete the legal procedure will follow,” said MR Makau.

The chief was released on a Sh20,000 police bond.

Source: The Nation