Kenya: Asus, Gaming for Kenya Show Support for Gamers in Kenya

Gaming for Kenya team, sponsored by Shark Energy Drink, organized a gaming event at iHub through their Gaming LAN parties initiative, also present at the event was ASUS Computer Company showcasing their ASUS LG552J gaming machine.

Gaming LAN parties are monthly events organized by Gaming for Kenya. This community of gamers seeks to promote PC and console gaming as a way of bringing together young people. These events attract a good number of students and enthusiastic gamers. The community started online before branching out and organizing these offline meetups which, so far, have been well received.

“The 1UP Elite LAN party is a great place for gamers to socialize and have fun from dusk till dawn. There are NO ENTRY charges and it is free to all to attend. Our LAN parties have been a venue for both PC and console gaming lovers. Much activies revolve the LAN party through product showcase, guest presentations, challenges, disscussions and much more,” reads a brief description of the event on Gaming for Kenya’s Facebook page.

The event brought together gamers and gaming enthusiasts as they battled it out all night on Call of Duty, Halo and other games. Gamers bring their own devices to the party and spend the whole night gaming. PC and console gamers were present, including a number of hardcore lady gamers.

Apart from showcasing their ASUS LG552J gaming machine, the ASUS team also gave gamers free T-shirts. Another company that was in attendance was Red Bull who provided some refreshements. Gaming LAN parties are monthly events organized by Gaming for Kenya.

Source: CIO East Africa