Kenya: Asian Scene – Round Two of Koroga Cook-Out Festival Set for Today

By Allaudin Qureshi

The second elimination round of the Karoga Premier League 2016 will be staged this afternoon at Spice Roots on Forest Road, Nairobi.

This entertaining and unique social event cum culinary arts competition is the brainchild of East FM and is sponsored by SportPesa, Jameson, and many others.

Koroga is Kiswahili for stir. But for years it has become part of the Kenyan Asian social and entertainment culture.

It is an opportunity for friends and loved ones to relax and enjoy each other’s company while sharing a cook-out meal and playing party games, listening to music or simply cracking jokes. It is believed that this likeable Kenyan Asian cook-out entertainment was

started by Indian workers brought out by the British to build the Mombasa-Kampala railway line early in the last century. Over the years, it became part of the Kenyan Asian culture.

The Koroga Premier League, referred to as KPL, gives an opportunity to the station’s radio presenters to form a team comprising listeners to participate in a cook-out competition set and judged by professionals.

More than a cooking fiesta, it is a fun way to socialising and meeting listeners and fans. The teams The winners are awarded handsome cash prizes.

The first round of the league festivity was held last Sunday at Curry in Hurry at Westlands, Nairobi, where three of the seven teams were eliminated. The winners from the day and winners of today will take on each other for a place in the finals.

There is no entrance fee at Spice Roots this afternoon. It is fun galore not only for the participants but also for those who wish to spend an entertaining afternoon in the company of friends, loved ones and radio celebrities. Many party games for adults and

children have been organised and, above all else, visitors get an opportunity to taste a variety of creative and appetising dishes by the contestants.

Do yourself and the family a favour, drive to Spice Roots and have fun at East FM’s Koroga Premier League 2016 festivity for free.

Source: All Africa