NAIROBI, The retail prices of milk and sugar in Kenya are expected to fall from Thursday with a half-litre packet of milk to retail for 10 shillings (about 9.7 US cents) less while a kilogramme of sugar will cost 100 shillings (97 cents) within a fortnight, says Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (Minister) Willy Bett.

The drop in the price of sugar is expected to driven by the arrival in the country of a consignment of sugar imports due next week, he added.

Kenyans have been grappling with high prices of basic commodities such as maize flour, sugar and milk which have resulted in the government stepping in to subsidize the price of maize flour as well as zero-rate the duty on sugar to help slash its price which hit 200 shillings per kg.

Bett said Wednesday that sugar imports due to arrive in the country in a week would see the price of the commodity being reduced to about 110 shillings per kg.

Milk prices are also expected to drop with a half-litre packet costing 10 shillings less from Thursday, as a result of lower production costs after the arrival of rains helped to enhance fodder supply. Bett said more maize imports are also expected in the country to help stabilize retail prices of maize flour.

He also urged Kenyans to embrace other types of food instead of depending only on maize.