Kenya and Germany Partner In Food Industry Venture

Kenyan technology service provider Centurion Systems Ltd has finalized plans to partner with the German industry association VDMA to promote the local food processing industry.

The partnership will entail training and sharing of experience and expertise to facilitate the local infant industries develop their capacity building to effectively meet the international standards of the global market.

Managing Director of Centurion Systems Limited said the joint project is expected to establish a modern training Centre in Nairobi that will open doors by January 2018 to offer short term technical and vocational training courses to workers at food processing plants.

The need for skilled workers for our food industry is evident and we will be working closely together with the companies of this sector, said Dr. Desai said.

He explained that the training program was based on the dual concept, the combination of theoretical and practical training that has proven very successful in Germany, especially among small- and medium-sized companies.

The technical courses are designed for operators and servicing staff of food makers and equipment suppliers and address aspects of food safety and maintenance, he said adding that the model used has safeguarded the high quality of vocational education and training in Germany for decades.

The MD noted that the Train-the-trainer courses further aim at capacity building inside companies by ensuring a high-level of qualification among training personnel.

The Kenyan food market is continuously growing and food markets in urban areas are forecast to grow annually by seven to ten percent, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Dr. Desai said that the programme which will be launched officially tomorrow evening at the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) offices is a Kick-Off involving almost 100 participants from the Kenyan and the German industry that will be able to introduce the practical courses that they will be offering in this project.

This project will be successful if we succeed in training qualified workers for the rapidly growing Kenyan food market as well as in promoting the exchange of expert ideas and experience between local companies and German companies in Kenya, Dr. Desai said .

VDMA project Direct Dr. Norbert Voelker , said that the project will significantly contribute to the current TVET reforms in the country, specifically upgrading the capacity of training providers in skills and relevant equipment to implement advanced skills development in Kenya.

This project will further enhance and showcase the implementation of CBET, an approach that most training providers in Kenya still find hard to implement thus as VDMA, we are eager to promote local workers being practical training in order to support the efforts of the industry, Voelker said.

VDMA also, with its Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, Dr. Voelker explained have successfully worked together with Kenyan companies as well as with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO for many years.

The training center , he said will function as a meeting place for Kenyan and German companies as more German companies will be willing to invest in Kenya due to the partnership.

The training center can also used for in-house training for local companies that would like to embrace modern technology and innovation at the work place, Dr. Voelker said.

The VDMA has initiated similar projects in Botswana and Nigeria and all follow the same approach of close cooperation with a local training institution and the deep involvement of local and German companies which mutually benefits the two countries

The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within VDMA is the union of around 300 predominantly medium-sized companies. They represent the Bakery Machinery, Meat Processing Machinery, Beverage Machines and Dairy Technology, Confectionery Machinery, Machines and Equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry and Packaging Machinery.

Centurion Systems Limited is a Kenyan technology service provider with more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial services, professional development as well as research and innovation.

Source: Kenya News Agency