Kenya: After Reduced Prices, Cost of Fuel Rises in Kenya

The Energy Regulatory Commission has increased the cost of fuel pump prices in its monthly review, with the cost of a litre of super petrol going up by Sh3.54 in Nairobi, diesel by Sh4.14 and kerosene by Sh3.02.

The commission attributed the continued rise to the cost of international crude oil as well as costs of importation.

“As estimated in the March 2016 fuel prices review, the price of crude oil in the international market has been rising from a low of $29 per barrel early this year to the current price of $47 per barrel. This led to an increase in the cost of refined products from late January 2016 and kerosene and mid-February 2016 for super petrol,” ERC Director General Joseph Ng’ang’a said in a statement

In Nairobi, super petrol will now retail at Sh84.25, diesel Sh70.37 while kerosene will sell at Sh46.98.

In other regions like Mombasa, the commodities will retail lowest where super petrol will retail at Sh80.96, diesel at Sh67.11 and kerosene at Sh44.28 while in Mandera super petrol will sell at Sh98.06, diesel at Sh84.18 and kerosene at Sh60.79.

In Nakuru a litre of super petrol will retail at Sh85.03, diesel at Sh71.32 and kerosene will go for Sh47.86 while in Eldoret, super petrol will sell at Sh86.17, diesel at Sh72.47 and kerosene at Sh48.88.

In Kisumu, motorists will buy a litre of super petrol for ShSh86.24, diesel at Sh72.53 and kerosene at Sh48.88.

Source: Capital FM.