NAIROBI– Seventeen chiefs in Kenya’s Central region have been interdicted for several reasons including condoning illicit brews in their areas.

Police said that 345 people have also been arrested and charged with contravening various provisions of alcoholic drinks control act.

Confirming the interdiction, Central Regional Commissioner Wilson Njenga said that some of those interdicted have been colluding with illicit brewers by alerting them during crackdowns and others have been consuming the brew.

Three of the chiefs hail from Nyeri Central, three from Kiambu, seven from Nyandarua and four from Muranga.

He was speaking at Chaka, Nyeri central where he said that over 900 litres of the local brew kangara and 20 litres of chang’aa were destroyed.

The commissioner added that 100,000 litres have so far been destroyed since the crackdown began.

Njega promised instant promotion for chiefs who have completely wiped the illegal brews in their jurisdiction.

He said that the crackdown will continue despite the 100 days rapid resource initiative having elapsed.

Separately, police in Kericho have issued a warning to brewers of illegal alcoholic drinks that could cause health hazards to users.

The warning comes in the wake of an operation that seized and destroyed over 700 litres of locally made illicit brew known as miti ni dawa at Brooke Trading center.

The officers conducted an impromptu inspection at an animal feedsshop that acted as a hideout, after members of the public raised alarm over a notorious brewer involved in manufacturing of the illegal liquors.

Speaking to the press, Kericho Administration police commander Njue Njagi said they will continue with the war on illicit brews until the county was free from the substances.