KenGen to put up a 45Mws solar power plant

The National Power Producer (KenGen) is set to put up a 45MWs solar power plant in Machanga area, Embu County in the next two years.

The project that is in its initial stages was meant to tap solar in one of the hottest areas in the County that neighbour Kamburu dam in the Eastern hydros, and aims to increase power in the national grid.

Environmental impact assessment plans were set to be completed by January, before the projects begin the same year.

Speaking after paying a courtesy call to Embu Deputy Governor, David Kariuki on Wednesday, the KenGen delegation working on the project led by Eastern Hydros Environmental Officer, Amos Mbutu said development partners were willing to fund the project.

He said locals might benefit from cheap power connections and rates since the county produces most of the energy used in the country, especially from the seven forks dams.

He said labour and construction materials would be sourced from within, adding that the project would not pose any challenges to the residents.

The project is in the initial stages and we hope to commence constructions by next year. We have not established its cost as yet, and when we do, we hope to get funding, said Mbutu.

A Principal Environmental Specialist and the consultant to project Nicola Davies said consultations with stakeholders and locals had been undertaken and residents had approved the project.

The site, about 80 acres, is owned by the Embu County government and had been earmarked for the establishment of an industrial park to provide employment opportunities to residents.

Embu County has very few industries and if the park was established, it would come as a major boost to the many unemployed residents most of who depended on agriculture for survival.

The Deputy Governor said the move would now attract industries and investments in the area.

Source: Kenya News Agency