KENGEN Sponsors squash for the 17th year

The Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN) has sponsored the 2017 squash tournament to the tune of Sh.700, 000.

The tournament that is taking place at the Parklands Sports Club has attracted over 90 players both local and from the EAC region.

Speaking Friday during presentation of the cheque, KENGEN Strategy Director, David Muthike said they were committed in supporting squash as a sport in this country.

We will continue to investing in this sport and especially among the youth by continuing to sponsor the tournament, he said.

Muthike added that they were ready to provide talented players with an opportunity to test their games and have them play as many matches as possible.

He further commended Parklands Sports club and the organizers of the event for giving squash players in Kenya an avenue to sharpen their skills under challenging conditions.

We will continue partnering with you in developing this game countrywide, Muthike said, while promising to add sponsorship money in next year’s tournament.

The Chairman of Parklands Sports Club, William Maara appreciated KENGEN, saying sponsoring the tournament for over 16 years has seen the game grow and even attract more players.

He noted that despite inflation, KENGEN has continued to support the tournament but also called on them to consider increasing the tournament money come next year.

Through this tournament we have seen young upcoming talent participate and even beat the seniors, Maara said

The Defending Champion, Khaaliqa Nimji said she was excited that this year’s tournament had attracted more women than last year.

The 19 year old further said it was prudent that the game is introduced at an early stage so that more young people can embrace the game.

This year’s tournament has attracted over 90 participants compared to last year’s 60, who are competing in various categories, including men’s Plate, Super plate, Ladies main category, ladies plate category and juniors.

Source: Kenya News Agency