Karim Wade’s assets up for auction

The Government of Senegal has began the process to auction the assets of Karim Wade, local media reported.
The daily L’As newspaper Wednesday reported that the son of former President Abdoulaye Wade had been served a notice in jail ahead to the auction.
Thenceforth, the government has undertaken the inventory of his assets in the country, which include the posh Wade family home near the Dakar city centre.
The government intends to recover up to $6 million (10 billion CFA francs) from the sale of the assets of the former president’s son.
Jail sentence
The money will compensate for the fine imposed by the special court against Karim, payable to government.
Last March, the anti-corruption court slammed a six-year jail sentence on Karim, the seizure of his assets and a fine for theft of public funds.
The palatial Wade home had allegedly been offered to Karim (only son) by his father.
Another elegant and elaborate building which President Wade had allegedly offered to the dozens of his household maids is also said to be among the assets to be auctioned.
Also to go are several luxury vehicles which have been impounded and parked at a military base in Ouakam, outside Dakar.
A special appeal
Other assets targeted include residents and hotels as well as hefty sums of money stashed in banks abroad.
Other assets of the former president’s son that may be auctioned include the several jewels that were hidden in French banks and which the Paris government returned to Senegal.
Upon hearing the news, Karim’s mother and former First Lady Viviane Wade hurriedly arrived in Dakar on Saturday and expressed shock and anger.
Local media quoted her Wednesday as making a special appeal to government to spare the posh Wade family home.
She described as “shameful”, suggestions that the home could be renovated by President Macky Sall and become a national asset as her husband did to her predecessor Sedar Senghor’s home.
Karim is among nearly two dozen former senior government officials being probed by President Sall’s government for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars during President Wade’s 12-year rule.