Kanu Is Not a ‘Rift Valley Only’ Affair

KAKAMEGA county Kanu chairman Chacha Weche has accused chairman Gideon Moi of reducing the party to a Rift Valley affair.

Weche yesterday said Gideon has confined activities of the party to Rift Valley.

He said Kanu is a national party and its activities must be spread across the country.

“The manner in which the party is being run is scaring away many people who want to join it,” Weche told the Star in Kakamega town.

He said Kanu’s national office must reflect the face of Kenya.

Weche said Gideon being the chairman and Nick Salat holding the secretary general positions make the party look like a Kalenjin affair.

“We need party national elections soon so fresh blood can help us compete favourably with other parties that allow the young generation to take leadership,” he said.

Gideon has lately heightened party activities in the Rift Valley in what he says is re-energising the party ahead of 2017.

The party activities have been interpreted to mean he could be positioning himself to edge out Deputy President William Ruto.