Kajiado Senior employees to undergo lifestyle audit

Kajiado County employees will now be placed on Performance Contracts to ensure better performance and service delivery, Governor Joseph Lenku has said.

Lenku, who was addressing the County Assembly during his State of the County address, emphasised that performance contracting would ensure that employees were accountable for their actions thus curbing corruption.

Going forward, County appointments will be based on performance contracting because we want results and individuals to be accountable for their actions. All senior officers from positions of the Directors up to the CEC’s will commence their contracts beginning 1st July 2018, said Lenku.

Lenku further put on notice corrupt county government employees who have been siphoning public funds and announced that all senior employees would undergo a lifestyle audit to ensure accountability.

He added that any officer found engaging in corrupt deals would be fired and prosecuted.

We laud the president’s efforts in fighting corruption in the country. We will also not tolerate corruption in Kajiado. County employees in sensitive areas beginning with procurement must undergo a lifestyle audit, said the Governor.

Lenku reiterated his government’s commitment to providing quality, accessible and affordable health services to all residents.

He added that the county government had already embarked on an upgrade and equipping of all hospitals and clinics in the county with modern facilities and medicine and that 100 health personnel would be employed and deployed to all health centers during the next financial year.

Source: Kenya News Agency