Kajiado School Opens Doors to ‘Clean’ Students

Two teachers’ unions in Kajiado county want a police officer arrested for allegedly releasing students accused of assaulting teachers on June 12.

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers and the Kenya National Union of Teachers said the Kajiado OCS should not have released the 19 students of Thomas Fish Secondary School.

They were released on July 2.

Kajiado district education officer Benjamin Sigei said Sigei said a meeting held in the school on Wednesday resolved that the institution be reopened.

It was closed indefinitely on July 22.

Sigei said all the students without indiscipline cases should be readmitted immediately.

Kajiado Knut officials and the union’s secretary general Wilson Sossion are expected to meet teachers who fled after the riots.

In a press release yesterday, Zadock Kisienya (Kuppet) and Samuel Moinket (Knut), said the OCS’s action was in bad faith.

Kisienya said the officer was under pressure from a politician to release the students.

He said the culprits were identified by their fellow students and teachers after allegedly beating up discipline master Magwa Nyagah and principal Paul Ameso.

The students are said to have confronted Nyagah as he left a classroom in the morning and beat him up with hockey sticks.

They attacked Ameso when he tried to save his colleague. Magwa and Ameso are nursing wounds at home after they were discharged from hospital.

Moinket told the Star teachers fled the school after the 19 students arrived at the institution and were welcomed by the rest as “freedom fighters”.

“That act itself was vindictive to the teachers, some of whom had not recovered from the injuries they suffered. This is intimidation and we have told our teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission to make a choice whether to go back or not,” Korinko said.

The Wednesday meeting was attended by members of the management board, Sigei and the county director of education Alex Majani.

Education executive Richard Parsitau was present.