Kajiado School Closed Over Teacher Attacks

The Thomas Fisher Secondary School in Kajiado county has been closed following student attacks that left two teachers hospitalised.

The school also has been plagued by riots, the flight of 20 teachers and arson fire.

It has been closed indefinitely.

“The government has closed it as we speak owing to lack of security for teachers, perimeter fence and lack of a united effort from parents to discipline their children,” Benjamin Sigei said.

Sigei is the Mashuuru district education officer.

He toured the school on Tuesday.

Yesterday, he said students were sent home as preparations are made for a meeting of the board of management and parents on July 28.

There were rumours suspended students might attack teachers and the tutors kept away from the school this week.

On Monday night, a fire was started in an office but quickly put out.

Sigei linked the Monday arson attempt to the suspension of 19 form four students.

They are suspected to have orchestrated the riots in June that led to the attacks on two teachers.

On June 11, students attacked head of discipline Maragwa Nyagah, stole his money and damaged his car.

On June 12, students beat up Nyagah with hockey sticks and injured principal Paul Ameso who tried to rescue Nyagah.

Ameso suffered a broken hand, while Nyagah suffered head injuries and a broken shoulder blade.

The two teachers were unconscious when taken to hospital. The hospitals have not been identified for the sake of the teachers’ security.

Sigei toured the school after some students allegedly bought paraffin and intended to burn the office.

He said “outside forces” are behind the attack on teachers.

Some students told journalists on Monday that some teachers had defiled schoolgirls and they had raised the alarm with the principal.

But Ameso yesterday said the students are making excuses after they were caught on the wrong side of the law.

Sigei dismissed those linking teachers to a “sexual scandal”.

He said after the June attacks, all students were given questionnaires about their complaints and no sex scandal was mentioned.