Kajiado residents put on high alert over cholera outbreak

Kajiado residents have been urged to practice proper hygiene and sanitation to prevent an outbreak of water-borne diseases which are prevalent in the area during rainy seasons.

The County Public Health Officer, Sophie Setian said water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid and amoeba were common in the area during the rainy season and an outbreak was imminent if proper sanitation was not adhered to.

Setian, who was speaking in Kajiado on Friday, challenged the residents to practice simple hygiene tips such as washing hands before handling food and after visiting toilet and to ensure they boiled drinking water.

The Officer noted that many locals, especially in rural areas have not embraced the use of latrines but still practiced open defecation and during the rainy season, water sources become contaminated exposing them to diseases.

With heavy rains pounding various parts of the County, the risk of contracting water borne diseases is high in most areas, especially in remote areas where there are no toilets, said Setian

She added that campaigns on the importance of toilet usage had been intensified in rural areas where majority of the population still practiced open defecation.

Setian revealed that areas such as Kimalat, Noonkopir, Kyang’ombe, Oloika, Entashata, Musenge Gataka, Ongata Rongai, Lenkisim and Bissil were cholera hotspots and appealed to residents in those areas to be on high alert.

The Public Health Officer affirmed that the Ministry of Health had already put measures in place to prevent an imminent outbreak.

As a Ministry, we have started disbursing aqua tabs in all the five Sub Counties so that people can have access to clean water as well as appealing to the masses to boil drinking water, eat from licensed food outlets as well as washing hands with soap and clean running water, Setian said.

She further called on the locals to ensure that they slept under treated mosquito nets and drained stagnant water to keep malaria at bay.

The disaster management team has also called upon all Non-Governmental Organizations to stay alert as they may be needed due to the ongoing challenges as a result of heavy rainfall.

Heavy rainfall has been pounding the County with many villages, schools and health centres affected by flooding.

In Kajiado North, Ongata Rongai Health Center is flooded, including the wards while various health centers in Mile Tisa, Sajiloni in Central, areas of Oltiasika, Olgulului, Njukini, Iltialal in Kajiado Central have all been deemed impassable due to the effect of heavy rains on the roads.

Source: Kenya News Agency