Kajiado Parents close school in protest of poor performance

Irate parents in Kajiado closed Iltareto Primary School on Monday in protest over poor performance and alleged school mismanagement.

The parents took to the streets of Kajiado town to air their grievances as they sought audience with Kajiado County Director of Education and Teachers Service Commission.

Addressing the protesting parents at the County headquarters, Kajiado County Director of Education, Majani Baridi asked parents to take their children back to school as their grievances were analyzed.

Majani said it was unconstitutional for the parents to close school since they were denying their children the right to access education.

“Yes we know that nobody is happy with the poor performance but we have to come up with a solution without necessarily keeping children at home by closing the school”, Majani told the parents.

He promised to send education officials from the County headquarters to visit the school and come up with a report that would pave the way forward.

Meanwhile, Kajiado Central Assistant County Commissioner, Mary Kuria urged the parents to be patient since the Government was in the process of connecting all primary and secondary schools with electricity.

She said Iltareto, being a public school, would get electricity and be upgraded to the standards that others had already reached.

“School performance is not about teachers alone,” Kuria told parents. “Parents should monitor the performance and progress report of the children without waiting for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results to know the magnitude of failure”, she noted.

According to one of the parents, Elizabeth Sabilo who spoke to Kenya News Agency (KNA), the first child scored 181 overall marks in last year’s KCPE exams.

Sabilo said the marks were very discouraging to the children since the school had recorded subsequent poor performance for the last five years.

“Instead of going up, they are coming down. We need the government to intervene to rectify the situation and avert further failure”, said the angry parent.

Sabilo said there was need to overhaul the teachers’ fraternity and the school management committee since they had run down the school to zero.

“The school had a population of only 42 children this year. Most of the children dropped out from school while others transferred to better performing schools”, said Sabilo.

By Nelly Kosgey