Kajiado Governor in court over burning of Incinerator Company

Kajiado Governor David Nkedianye has exonerated himself in a controversial case that saw a company razed down in Kitengela town.

The governor who appeared in a Nairobi court Thursday denied allegations that he ordered goons to burn down an Incinerator belonging to the Environment and Commercial Consultancy Company Limited.

Appearing before the Milimani High court Judge George Odunga, Nkediaye told the court that there was a proposal to have the company closed down after residents complained over the foul smell the incinerator emitted and associated with health hazards on the firm’s operations.

He told the court that there were discussions on how he proposed the company to be closed down to allow negotiations between the parties to save the facility from being destroyed by a crowd which was camping outside the company’s gate.

The Governor was compelled to appear in court in person to show cause why he should not be committed to civil jail for disobeying earlier court orders.

I did not mobilise anybody to burn down the equipment, said Nkedianye in defence.

Nkedianye argued that the Company, situated in Kitengela town should be closed over the foul smell it emits posing a health hazard.

He gave the order on Friday following allegations that the incinerator was used for burning hospital waste and human body parts collected from government and private hospitals.

The Sh2 billion incinerators was established three years ago in Stony Athi area near Kitengela town on 50 acres.

The company is associated with University of Nairobi don Prof Philip Mwabe.

Nkedianye gave Mwabe up to Thursday to come up with a proposal showing what he would do with the land.

He said he will not let residents suffer from the hazardous smoke and smell emanating from the factory.

The incinerator is the largest private waste management facility in East Africa, but the owner has had issues with Kitengela town residents for several years before he moved it to Stony Athi in Kaputie North ward.

After moving to Stony Athi three years ago, residents of Embukabat destroyed its fence and accused Mwabe of putting their lives in danger.

Justice Odunga directed that the matter be mentioned on June 27,2017, for further directions.

Source: Kenya News Agency