Kajiado County Government fight the return of Plastic Carrier bags

Kajiado County Government has heightened the fight against plastic carrier bags as traders resort to traditional way of packaging goods in the markets despite the year old ban.

Majority of traders in the busy Kiserian Market of Kajiado County have continued to play hide and seek game by using plastic carrier bags when the County reinforcement officials are out of sight.

However, the practice has strongly been condemned by the Kajiado environmental management team who has vowed to fight the banned plastics across the County.

Kiserian Ward administrator Edward Tauta told Kenya News Agency during an interview Friday morning that the County Government will continue to engage the traders in sensitization programs in order to keep off retailers who have taken advantage to continue selling the banned plastic bags.

Tauta expressed concern that the rate at which the traders were going back to the traditional way of packaging goods with plastic bags was wanting and the menace would be stopped in the coming days.

For the last few days we have continued to arrest those nabbed with plastic bags to scare them and also investigate where they are getting them, said the administrator.

However, he noted that the origin of the plastics bags is yet to be established as the County Government has assigned a team to carry out investigations.

He said the traders who are using plastic carrier bags were dragging back the consumers to the old days even after remarkable progress made across the country.

Tauta cautioned those who were still hiding plastic carrier bags to surrender or destroy them as they will not be spared anymore from arrests and prosecution.

A potato vendor in Kiserian market who sought anonymity during an interview with KNA said they prefer packaging for their customers since they make more sales as compared to non-packaged potatoes.

Some customers find the alternative carrier bags to be expensive and we decided to continue using the old method to suit their needs and maintain sales, said the trader.

The trader also challenged National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to regulate the pricing of alternative carrier bags in the market to realize a winning battle.

Despite huge penalties of Sh. 4 million or four years in jail slapped by NEMA on the use of banned plastic paper bags 11 months ago, the battle is yet to be won in various towns across the country.

Majority of traders in Kajiado markets are yet to adhere to the regulations issued by NEMA that customers must use alternative carrier bags or re-usable long lasting bags.

The government’s move on the ban of plastic carrier bags received a major boost in June after the Environment and Land Court in Nairobi dismissed a case filed by the manufacturers of plastic bags against the ban.

Source: Kenya News Agency