Jubilee MP Candidate drums up support for Uhuru re-election

Mvita Jubilee Parliamentary candidate Mr Omar Shallo has hit out at the current MP Abdulswamad Nassir over what he termed as failure to address youth unemployment in the area.

According to the youthful candidate, Nassir lacks ideas on how to solve the problem and has mainly been engaging in public relations stunts.

Shallo charged,We have all seen what has been going on in our constituency over the last four years our youth are still walloping in joblessness.

He is busy organising competitions, issuing out certificates and then taking selfies to post on social media. Selfies will never solve the problems facing our youth, he said.

Addressing women groups in Mvita on Thursday, Shallo argued that there were a lot of talents in the Constituency which need to be tapped to ensure that the youth did not engage in drug and substance abuse.

Let’s take a good example of the young man who was killed just the other day, he was a very good footballer. We need to make good use of such talents and by doing this we will also be taking our youth away from drug abuse and crime, he said.

He promised to address the issue and also give education a priority when elected as the next MP. Nassir who is the son to former Minister and area MP Shariff Nassir is defending his seat on an ODM ticket.

Shallo urged the residents to support President Kenyatta and the Jubilee coalition in the forthcoming election.

You should support President Kenyatta to ensure he finishes his last five term. Imagine Uhuru as the president and me as the Jubilee MP in Mombasa, we will be highly favored and benefit a lot in terms of development, he said.

Rajab Sumba, a former Mombasa mayor, drummed up support for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying he has initiated several development initiatives across the country.

He singled out Youth Development Fund, Women Enterprise Fund and the Inua Jamii Cash Programme as some of the Jubilee administration initiatives.

He said the Jubilee administration is empowering women and youth through the distribution of revolving funds to enable them start income generating activities.

Source: Kenya News Agency