King Abdullah II and Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta held talks in Kenyan capital Nairobi on Monday, that focused on bilateral ties, the latest development regionally and internationally and efforts to combat terrorism.

The King, during a meeting at the presidential palace attended by senior officials from both sides, voiced Jordan’s desire to promote Jordanian-Kenyan ties in various scopes, namely, in political, economic and medical tourism spheres.

Jordan’s desire to open an embassy in Nairobi was also discussed during the meeting, which will mirror a positive effect on relations between the two countries.

The meeting touched on efforts to reinvigorate trade movement between Aqaba port and Mombasa port in Kenya, where it saw the signing of many agreements which will pave the way for a closer economic and commercial cooperation.

Jordan’s week, which represents an access for Jordanian businessmen to Kenya, will take place next month as a key venue that will enable agreements and partnerships to be formed between the private sectors in both countries.

The King emphasized the need for closer coordination and cooperation in fighting terrorism and its gangs, which threaten the stability and security in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa and the whole world.

The King along the Kenyan president attended a joint military drill carried out by Jordanian and special forces in the Kenyan army.

The Kenyan president held a lunch banquet in honor of the King and the accompanying delegation which includes the King’s adviser for military affairs and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mashal Mohammad Al-Zabin.

Upon departure, an official farewell ceremony was held for the King who reviewed the guards of honor as a military band played the national anthems of Jordan and Kenya.

Earlier, Prince Raad bin Zeid, Chief Chamberlain, was sworn in as Regent in the presence of the cabinet.