NAIROBI, Japanese fertilizer company Toyota Tsusho Fertilizer Africa Limited is conducting research on soil samples from various counties of Kenya in order to produce fertilizers which will be most suitable for local needs at its new fertilizer plant in Eldoret in western Kenya.

Toyota Tsusho is targeting to help farmers in Uasin Gishu County, Narok County, Baringo County and Nandi County in the first phase of its production.

The government’s plan to have a local fertilizer manufacturing plant in the country was hatched about five years ago and it signed an agreement the diversified Toyota Tsusho, a member of the giant Toyota automobile group, last year for the construction of the fertilizer plant at Eldoret.

Toyota Tsusho has announced that it has started research on soil types in different counties to help determine the kind of fertilizer suitable for each county. Then company believes that the fertilizers currently used by farmers across the country have done more harm than good to soils.

Farmers across the country have been using DAP and CAN fertilizer in large quantities irrespective of soil type, which results in poor yields.

Toyota Tsusho plans to produce fertilizers mixed with various components to ensure farmers obtain better yields and returns. The company has already taken 200 soil samples in Uasin Gishu County, Narok County, Baringo County and Nandi County and is planning to take more samples across the entire country.

The construction of the 123 billion shillings (about 1.21 billion US dollars) fertilizer plant started in September last year and is expected to cut the cost of fertilizer in the country by 40 per cent when it comes on stream.

Source: KBC