Jailed “Police Impostor” Charged Afresh

Police impostor Joshua Waiganjo now faces five fresh charges including that of impersonating a police officer after a high court sitting in Naivasha ordered for his re-trial a week ago.

High Court judge Christine Meolli last week quashed a five year jail term that Waiganjo has been serving and ordered for a re-trial in a case where he had been convicted by a lower court.

Waiganjo who was unrepresented was charged with the first count of impersonation where the court was told that on September 28th 2012 he posed as an assistant commissioner of police.

The court further heard that on the material day, the accused visited the Njoro police station and acting as an assistant commissioner of police warned Sergeant Benson Wambua and Constable Joseph Korir that he would take disciplinary measures against them.

Waiganjo faced three other charges of being in possession of government stores contrarily to section 36 of the penal code where it was said that between December 31, 2012 and January 4, 2013 in Njoro and Gilgil towns he was found in possession of assorted police gear which was unlawfully obtained.

The fifth charge stated that June 8,2012 in Naivasha town, he was found wearing a police uniform with the rank of an assistant commissioner of police.

The accused however denied all the five charges and will have to wait until June 27, this year to know whether he will be released on bond after the Naivasha chief magistrate Dominica Nyambu agreed to review his application.

The state counsel Amboko Biena had applied to detain the accused for two more weeks so that the prosecution could review the status of the other cases that he was facing before his bond application was reviewed.

He added that the accused had three cases in Nairobi, Nakuru and Nyeri whose records needed to be reviewed.

However Waiganjo told the court that he had only two cases pending at the Nakuru law courts and had been issued with the bond in addition to suffering from diabetes.

The court will rule on the bail application on June 27, this year.

Source: Kenya News Agency