It’s the Lives That Matter, Not the Liquor Cash – MP Waweru

Leaders from Central Kenya have overwhelmingly heeded the directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta that all the constituencies in the region be freed of illicit brews which have in the past led to the deaths of many.

Dagoretti South MP Dennis Waweru who Saturday led a group of youths in destroying the lethal drinks dismissed the notion that people’s businesses were being destroyed in the process, saying no price tag could be attached to the lives of Kenyans.

“We are not looking at the value of the drink, we are looking at the harmfulness of the substance,” said Waweru going on to state that “there is no amount of money that is equal or important to the lives of the people – this will be a continuous exercise that will run for as long as we need to protect our people.”

He urged leaders from other regions to emulate them at the same time calling on alcohol regulatory institutions to develop stricter rules and penalties to ensure the finished products that are sold to the public do not cause harm.

“We are going to employ efforts in coming up with strong legislation to be able to regulate not only the standardization and testing but even the licensing of these brews,” he added.

The MP who also chairs the Central Kenya MPs Parliamentary Group said after dealing the alcohol abuse menace, they were going to come up with a rehabilitation and empowerment project for those affected so as to ensure they do not go back to engaging in the vice.

He noted with concern the fact that young people were languishing in alcohol and drug abuse calling on leaders to join hands irrespective of their political affiliation to end the vice.

Kasarani MP John Njoroge who also led a similar raid on brew dens said they had disposed of over 10,000 litres of illicit brews from Mwiki area only and were continuing with the operation in all wards within the constituency.

Njoroge further expressed confidence in the ability of the provincial administration in spearheading the operation saying they were equal to the task.

On Wednesday this week, President Uhuru Kenyatta gave Central Kenya MPS four days to clear the region of illicit brew which has rendered most of the residents unproductive.

He ordered the General Service Unit (GSU) commandant Joel Kitili together with the area MPs to lead the fight while also working with the local provincial administration.