Isiolo leaders raise concern as local students keep off institutions

Leaders from Isiolo are concerned that eligible students from the area are shunning the local vocational training institutions.

The Isiolo Senator, Fatuma Dullo said that it was sad to have institutions equipped with modern apparatus and competent instructors in the area but only benefitting students from other parts of the country.

While speaking during the College Day at St. Mary’s Secretarial College, Dullo urged Isiolo residents to take advantage of facilities that were near them so as to equip their children with skills that would enable them cope with the future.

She called upon the County government to promote vocation institutions among residents through providing a platform where both parents and potential students would prefer joining their institutions.

Ms. Dullo appealed for restructuring of the bursary funds allocation to ensure the kitty wholly supported the beneficiaries.

She observed that allocating about Sh.5, 000 to a needy student was not adequate to keep him or her in the technical institutions.

She said the bursary scheme should offer a full sponsorship to needy students all the way to the university.

The College Principal, Sister Marine noted that the institution had deviated from the intentions of its founder, the late Bishop Luigi Locati, due to the tendency by local youths to shun the institution.

She said that the college was mainly established to instill life skills to needy girls from the host County.

Sister Marine noted that in recent years, the number of students at the College had dramatically reduced, but was now rising with registration students from other parts of the country.

Out of the 120 students in the college, only nine were from Isiolo County.

Source: Kenya News Agency