Investors assured the safety of their property

The Managing Director (MD) Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), Moses Ikiara has assured investors of the safety of their assets and investments in the country.

Ikiara told investors that policies and laws would not be changed and they would be treated well, protected and their assets would not be lost.

Speaking during the 11th Annual Forum of Developing Countries Investments Negotiators on Wednesday, Ikiara said that the Forum was to be held in October 2017 but was postponed to February this year due to the re-election that took place in the country.

Ikiara said that the idea of the negotiations is to give investors confidence to come and invest in Kenya and be assured that their investments are safe and sound with the government facilitating investments by improving the ease of doing business.

The goal of the Annual Forum of Developing Countries Investment Negotiators is to ensure that developing countries are able to attract investment that improves sustainable development while protecting their legitimate policy space, he explained.

Ikiara stated that the Annual forum gives negotiators an opportunity to share their experiences and be able to discuss evolving issues and link with fellow colleagues from other developing countries.

Negotiators will share common experiences and see how they must maintain international agreements so that developing countries are not exposed, said Ikiara.

Ikiara expressed hope that this year, Kenya would experience faster development from inflows and growth in projects coming to the country.

The Forum held at a hotel in Nairobi, was hosted by the KenInvest, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the South Centre.

Source: Kenya News Agency