Investigate funders of the gang in Mt Elgon, says Internally Displaced Persons

Government should investigate key politicians from Mount Elgon and Bungoma County over the escalating insecurity in the area.

Bungoma County Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) Chairman Mr.Bernard Wakhungu alleged that senior politicians seem to be facilitating the mushrooming of criminal gangs in the area.

The main political kingpins are fighting each other and therefore they have recruited criminal gangs and armed them. The fighting between the two groups is wreaking havoc in the region, we want the government to investigate and crack whip on these politicians, he alleged.

Wakhungu noted that the continued insecurity has forced local residents seek refuge in schools and churches for fear of attacks and called on the government to launch a major operation that

will help disarm the criminals.

He accused local politicians he did not name for financially empowering the criminals who end up acquiring more illicit guns from Uganda adding that residents needed peace restored to carry on with normal activities.

Source: Kenya News Agency