Injustices to Cost Jubilee votes in NEP.

The injustices the people of North Eastern region have suffered in the hands of the Jubilee administration will cost the party votes in the region, Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden has said.

Addressing hundreds of his supporters in Sankuri division during a political rally , Abdikadir claimed that it was under the Jubilee regime that many ‘Somalis’ disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Our people don’t have short memories. We still remember and have not forgotten how they bundled our people into trucks and took them to Kasarani in the name of fighting terror, he said.

Let them crisscross the region as much as they can but let me assure them that no amount of enticing tactics will sway our people to vote for Jubilee because they know where their hearts are, he added.

Abdikadir said skewed issuance of ID cards and profiling of Muslims are some of the crimes by the Jubilee that has pushed the residents to NASA.

Abdikadir is facing stiff competition from Abdi Shurie of Jubilee in defending his seat.

Shurie is among the candidates picked by his Abduwak clan through the infamous negotiated democracy. Others are Garissa Township and national majority leader Aden Duale and Fafi MP Elias Bare Shill.

Duale is among those who want Abdikadir out for refusing to step down in favour of Shurie. Abdikadir scoffed at the arrangement saying they were engaged in an ‘exercise in futility’.

They have all ganged up against me to ensure I lose my seat but they will be up for a rude shock because voters are smart. We don’t want outsiders to be imposed on us, he said.

They are now going round my constituency calling me all manner of manes and blackmailing me just because I refused to dance to their tune, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency