Informal sector survey

The Government through the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics plans to carry out a survey in the Informal Sector between September and December, 2018 in all the 47 counties.

The ministry will on Wednesday hold a stakeholders meeting at the county commissioner’s office in Lodwar ahead of the survey in Turkana County.

Informal sector skills and occupations survey is part of Kenya Youth employment opportunity project which is a World Bank sponsored project whose aim is to increase employment and earning opportunities for targeted youth.

The informal sector currently employs over 14 million Kenyans contributing 83.4 percent of the total employment within the Kenyan economy. Last year it created over 787,000 jobs according to data from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

According to Samuel Mondesto, an officer from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the survey aims to identify the skills and occupations prevalent in the informal sector, establish the skills that employers and employees lack for optimal performance of their enterprises.

The survey also seeks to establish the earnings and conditions of work, to determine the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and workers in this sector, to identify apprenticeship opportunities in the sector and finally to establish the extent of ICT usage in the sector.

Among the key benefits of the survey is to help the youth and other operators to know where jobs and investment opportunities exist within the sector. Employees and employers within the sector will easily identify additional skills which they need to improve their earnings and enterprise performance, he said.

In addition, the government will use the information to formulate long term human resource planning, development and utilization policies for the sector. Training institutions will develop suitable training programmes to address identified shortages and cater for identified opportunities, said Mondesto.

Informal sector can be described as any activity generating income and profits, though on a small scale, uses simple skills, is dynamic and not tied to regulation of the activities. It also refers to any business enterprise not registered by the Registrar of Companies.

Source: Kenya News Agency